AIDS Foundation of Chicago Launches ‘Change My Story’ Health Promotion

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsOn the eve of the National HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) unveiled Change My Story, a community-level educational campaign designed to inspire African Americans to live life to the fullest by connecting to life-extending preventative health care services. “Change My Story is about inspiring and empowering people to take control of their life and health, with respect to HIV/AIDS and all life-changing illnesses,” said David Ernesto Munar, AFC President and CEO. “No one is helpless to HIV/AIDS and other chronic conditions: you can literally change your story for the better with proactive steps. Thanks to medical advances, dramatic improvements in health are within greater reach than ever.”

As a community-level educational campaign, Change My Story features real people who provide real talk about serious health issues. Current and former residents of several South Side neighborhoods, including celebrities, such as singer/actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, renowned producer and musician Frankie Knuckles, and hip-hop star and community advocate Rhymefest, lent their voices to the campaign launch through PSAs, bus shelter ads, blogs and social media. “It’s your friends, your family, your hairdresser, your local pastor – people you see every day in the community – sharing what they are doing to change their stories and what you can do to change yours,” said Johnathon Briggs, AFC Vice President of Communications, who, along with AFC Director of Care and Quality Improvement Alicia Bunton, spearheaded the development of the campaign in partnership with Ventures Unlimited, a marketing communications firm. By combating the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS and connecting people to vital care services, Change My Story aims to drastically improve the health and lifestyle of the African-American community and other at-risk populations. For more information on Change My Story and how you can join the movement, visit

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