Local School Council Expo

 Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education In these challenging times of economic uncertainty you need a marketing vehicle that is certain to produce results and significant return on your business investment. If you wish to acquire new business, increase your market share, and/or expand your reach, look no further than the NCLB Expo and Conference. On Friday, May 6, the Local School Member Alliance of Chicago (LSC-MAC) is presenting the NCLB Expo and Conference at 2600 W. 35th St. Over 600 CPS schools are invited to attend the NCLB Expo and Conference. The attendees will be able to take a variety of dynamic education sessions including TITLE I modules, education, leadership, health, safety, and personal finances. The participants will be able to gain knowledge, learn ideas, exchange information, and expand their network using your product or service. For more information, call LSC-MAC at 773-277-2233 or email lscmac@yahoo.com.

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