The Bay of Pigs Museum

By: Daniel Nardini

There are at least two viewpoints to just about every event in history, and the Bay of Pigs invasion is no exception. Located on 1821 southwest 9th Street in Miami, Florida, is the Bay of Pigs Museum and Library of the Brigade 2506. The museum is dedicated to the heroic attempt by Cuban exiles to overthrow Fidel Castro and his Communist Party. The museum is dedicated to the memory of those Cubans who died fighting for the liberation of Cuba and for those veterans of Brigade 2506 still alive.

The museum includes photos of the Cuban exiles as they prepared for the planned invasion and of Cuba taken by CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) operatives prior to the invasion. Interestingly enough the museum also has a photograph of then U.S. President John F. Kennedy welcoming back the survivors of Brigade 2506 with the flag of the Brigade itself. The museum also talks about the contributions of Cuban exiles to the Miami Little Havana community and the contributions of Cuban Americans in Florida.

The museum helps the visitor to understand that the Cuban exiles had fought for democracy and have helped to make valuable contributions to the United States as well. The museum talks about those Cubans who were forced to leave Cuba in the years after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and who have helped make Miami the prosperous and culturally rich city it is today. For more information on the museum, call the museum at 305-649-4719.

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