Things That Don’t Sound Right

By: Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania

What’s the problem with the Air Traffic controllers who are falling asleep on the job? Is it that they are being overworked, or are they trying to cram in higher-paying overtime hours to make more money? How can someone be allowed to work eight hours, then take eight hours off and then return again for another eight hour shift? That’s two shifts in one day cycle. No wonder people are falling asleep.

Is it the problem of the FAA and not enough workers? Is it a problem of greed? Or, is it a problem of today’s economy? What’s Donald Trump’s problem? I love his TV show Celebrity Apprentice. It’s very entertaining. And I know Trump is a brilliant businessman. But, when he starts ranting about President Obama and the issue of his birth certificate, it starts to make me wonder about Trump’s sanity?

Is Obama’s birth certificate really that important in the face of an array of troubles plaguing this nation? Why waste your hot air on Obama’s birth certificate when anyone with at least half a brain knows that Hawaii has a different system than we do. Are we that paranoid about foreigners that we put the issue of the birth certificate about the issue of the economy, unemployment, rising taxation and the lack of adequate healthcare?

There are some real issues with Obama that can be challenged besides the phony issue of the birth certificate. Like, what is Obama doing about the economy? He’s supposed to be more sensitive to issues of race, but really, he’s no different than any prior president. Chicago cancelled the annual Arabesque Festival. It was really the only thing American Arabs had in Chicago. Unlike other ethnic and racial groups in Chicago that lay claim to offices. Certain offices are unofficially assigned to Blacks and Hispanics. Certain wards can only elect a Black or Hispanic. The Irish have their own festivals and parades, as do the Italians (Columbus Day), Greeks, Blacks, and Hispanics. What do American Arabs get?

Some might think it has to do with the election of Rahm Emanuel as mayor, Chicago’s first American Jewish mayor. Jews and Arabs are having a problem, in case you haven’t noticed. Is there a connection? Some say it’s all about a lack of volunteers and a lack of manpower, but I have to ask, why isn’t it also affecting the other festivals and parades? Wake up Mayor Emanuel! Even though Mayor Daley never did give Chicago’s Arab citizens their fair share of government services or grants, he was at least respectful to us. (And YES, I am American Arab.) By the way, best wishes to Maggie Daley as she continues her health related struggles. She is such a nice person.

Comcast Cable TV sucks. Seriously. You have to pay for almost everything, including decades old movies now that once were free. I know the economy is bad, but Comcast charges are way beyond reasonable. Have you noticed that the quality of food is fast deteriorating? I went to the grocery store several times over the past month and noticed that the food doesn’t stay as fresh as it did before. Seriously. Have you noticed that too? The tomatoes or the onions or the potatoes seem to spoil faster than they did. The meat doesn’t stay as fresh and the vegetables and fruit, even in season; don’t seem to be quite as fresh. Is that because the economy is so bad and grocery stores are saving money? Call me paranoid, but my food senses do not lie.

Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist and media consultant. He can be reached at

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