No Fifth Column

By: Daniel Nardini

It has been revealed that in Osama bin Laden’s private journal he had planned to recruit “oppressed groups” such as African Americans and Latinos to carry out terrorist attacks in the United States. There is little doubt that Al Qaeda had thought of doing this long before bin Laden ever wrote this down. In other words, create a fifth column in the United States composed of people other than Muslims. Osama bin Laden saw the possibility of using mistreatment of ethnic and racial minorities to his advantage.

And yet, despite these attempts by Osama bin Laden, and despite visious attacks against Latinos, Africans Americans and Asian Americans, none of these groups as a whole have ever betrayed the United States. None of these groups have ever been successfully recruited by Al Qaeda or anyone else to attack and do harm against the United States. This is significant since it shows absolute loyalty by Latinos to this country and efforts by Latinos as a whole to fight against injustice through legal means instead of through terrorism.

From 1980 to 2005, there have been 318 terrorist attacks in the United States—both domestic and international-based terrorism. Out of those acts of terrorism, only four Latinos have ever been involved in terrorist acts or accused of terrorist acts. They are Antonio Martinez, Jose Padilla, Daniel Maldonado and Carlos Almonte. We are just talking here about a few individuals, and no groups nor whole communities of Latinos. And despite claims by anti-immigrant and extremist rightwing racist groups, no groups of undocumented have ever been found to attack the United States.

In short there is no fifth column Latinos, no terorist undocumented, and no signficant groups of Mexicans trying to “reconquer” the U.S. southwest. Despite Al Qaeda attempts at brainwashing Latino young people through the Internet, we have hundreds of thousands of Latino brothers and sisters serving honorably in the U.S. military and fighting for the safety and integrity of this country. If there is any fifth column in this country it is those extremist rightwing and racist groups who want to “turn back the clock” on all of the progress this country has made in human and civil rights in the past 60 years. These extremist anti-immigrant and racist groups want to trash the U.S. Constitution or rewrite it so they can totally remake the United States into the white racist hell it was 100 years before. Perhaps thereal enemy is not always who we think it is.

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