Postal Worker to Collect $500 a Week for Life

Going on vacation and taking his mother along for a ride was the best thing Jose Garcia could have done. Garcia, a postal worker from the Northwest side of Chicago, stopped by Atino’s Pizza in Chicago to buy the Illinois Lottery’s new Cash for Life instant ticket. He scratched the ticket and immediately knew that he was a winner. For Garcia, this vacation was to be an opportunity to hang out with his mom and take her to her favorite places. Little did he know that this specific outing was going to change his life and that one place he had not counted on visiting – an Illinois Lottery Check Writing Center – would be added to his list. Garcia will be receiving $500 a week for the rest of his life. “This will help make things a little bit easier,” said Garcia. “I want to pay some bills and travel some, so knowing that you have this additional income makes doing some of these things a little less burdensome.” The Illinois Lottery’s Cash for Life game was launched in April and offers players the chance to win $500, $1,000 or $2,500 every week for the rest of their lives. The top prize amount depends on whether the player plays a $1, $2 or $5 instant ticket. “We all want to live a long, healthy life,” said Jodie Winnett, Acting Superintendent of the Illinois Lottery. “Cash for Life gives them an added incentive to do exactly that. We are thrilled that Mr. Garcia has won and that other players statewide have embraced this ticket with enthusiasm.”

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