Avoid Excess Baggage

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Health Between grabbing a Cinnabon at the airport (730 calories), slurping down one too many margaritas by the pool, and getting our “money’s worth” at the buffet, the typical American comes home with an extra five pounds as a souvenir from a wonderful vacation. In the June issue of Prevention magazine, editors discovered it is possible to relax and have fun while avoiding gaining weight (excess baggage) and keep it light (carry on). Before you head out on your weeklong trip, put Prevention’s three weight gain traps on your radar. When it comes to drinks never ever order one with a little umbrella in it.

    Be wise about breakfast:

    • Excess baggage: Waffles and pancakes look tempting, but think of them as set decorations.
    • Carry on: Greet the sunrise with a protein-rich shake or an egg-white omelet to kick-start your metabolism and keep you satisfied.

    Count beverage calories:

    • Excess baggage: Cruise ships and all-inclusive resorts offer an endless supply of juices, sodas, and sweetened cocktails.
    • Carry on: By day, opt for green tea, which revs your metabolism.
    • Carry on: By night, drink red wine (By simply opting to drink red wine instead of a pina colada at night you can save a total of 225 calories)

    Say no nocturnal noshing:

    • Excess baggage: Where else but a cruise ship would you find Midnight Buffet extravaganzas?
    • Carry on: No one should be eating from a towering chocolate fountain that late at night.

    What Works:

    • Pack your own snacks; like almonds, dried fruit and even graham crackers.
    • Rent a house versus a hotel
    • Cook your own meals; home cooked food is often dramatically lower in calories even when it’s the same dish

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