Center for Hispanic Leadership to Help High School Students Aim Higher

The Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL), a professional development and consulting firm to Fortune 500 companies will be expanding its powerful message to help Hispanic high school students aim higher in pursuit of the American dream. CHL works with corporations to empower the professional growth and leadership advancement of Hispanic employees in the workplace through the use of culturally-tailored curriculum and tools.

CHL’s high school initiative, Aiming Higher in Pursuit of the American Dream, comes on the heels of US Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan’s call to action last week that urged parents, educators and school leaders at every level of government to make Hispanic educational excellence a national priority based on the sobering new report released by the NCES on the Hispanic achievement gap. “We are enthusiastic about giving Hispanic high school students a new reason to pursue the American dream, says CHL Founder/CEO, Glenn Llopis. As a high school student in a small rural city in Azusa, California I can relate to the achievement challenges that young Hispanics are facing today; especially with the advent of social media. Hispanics students need to believe that they can aim higher and make a difference. If I can reach my goals and aspirations, so can the millions of Hispanic high school students in America.” School districts that are interested in participating should contact Annette Prieto-Llopis at

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