Congressman Anthony Weiner Should Resign

By: Ray Hanania

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Congressman Anthony Weiner

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner made a name for himself attacking and denouncing his critics, yelling at colleagues in the House and screaming about the immorality and lack of ethics of foreign leaders. And then comes the scandal that put this weenie in his place. Last week, Weiner announced that someone “hacked” his Twitter account. For those few who don’t know what Twitter is, it is an internet system that allows you to send messages that consist no more than 140 characters, including spaces. Other people with Twitter accounts can follow you and read your postings, and you can even send pictures to your “list” of followers or to individual followers.

Weiner said that someone had sent a picture of their private area (in underwear) that was extremely revealing of a male sex organ. The Tweet (what you call messages you send to people on Twitter) was sent to a young woman who was following Weiner but that he did not know. Word was out that a lewd photo had been sent and Weiner wanted to nip the scandal in the bud — apparently before other women could go public and declare they had received lewd pictures from his account too. Weiner’s story never made sense. I argued on my Facebook Page that Weiner had demanded that the federal government investigate the hacking (breaking into) of his Twitter account. His followers, he has many, attacked me and said I was picking on Weiner because he is the most outrageous champion of Israel and one of the most racist anti-Arab members of the U.S. Congress. He’s not the worst, because there are dozens who are even more viciously racist.

But Weiner is a big shot within the Democratic Party and everyone came to his defense, calling me all kinds of names and attacking me for refusing to believe his excuses. Weiner’s story didn’t make sense because I use Twitter, too. I know that if someone is going to hack your account, they won’t just send one lewd Tweet to embarrass you. They will send out multiple Tweets to embarrass you.

So why was it only one? And as the scandal made its way from the Internet to the newspapers and to the national broadcast TV and radio programs, Weiner started to change his mind when he called for a Federal Investigation. After all, Weiner is a Federal elected official and hacking a congressman’s account could be a violation of the law. But as the story picked up steam, Weiner started to say he wasn’t going to call for an investigation. Why? Because lying to the public and to the news media is not a crime at all. Congressmen lie about issues all the time. Had the Feds investigated, Weiner would have had to perjure himself, and that is a crime.

Weiner refuses to quit his office and he vowed to work hard to win back the support of his district. But Weiner is an example of the moral corruption of our political establishment. He just got caught by being stupid. U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators lie all the time. They just don’t get caught. And their lies impact our daily lives harshly, even though Weiner’s lying did nothing to hurt us individually, except for the targets of his lewd behavior. New York Congressman Anthony Weiner should resign from office. He doesn’t deserve to be in office. But then again, many members of the spineless, lying Congress don’t deserve to be in office, too.

Ray Hanania is an award winning columnist and media consultant. He can be reached at

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