Spots of Light: To Be a Woman in the Holocaust

 Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - EducationSpots of Light: To be a Woman in the Holocaust is the first international exhibition to focus exclusively on women and their experiences during the Holocaust. This large scale video-art based exhibition conveys the strength, initiative, and courage of these remarkable women. This inspirational landmark exhibit reveals that even in the most difficult of circumstances, human beings can maintain those values which are the foundation of humanity: motherhood, friendship, faith and love.

This compelling and moving exhibition attempts to convey the human story that lurks behind the historical account of the Holocaust experience. More than two million women were murdered during the Holocaust. Jewish women inhabited a society that was largely conservative and patriarchal, with males as heads of households and women fulfilling traditional roles at home or helping to make a living. Jewish women assumed the main family role best described as the “affirmation of life” – the attempt to survive in any situation. For more information on Spots of Light: To Be a Woman in the Holocaust, visit

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