About Mark Grannis

By: Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryEvery now and then I come across people who are very talented, articulate and extraordinary. One of these persons is Mark Grannis. He can be found on the website for the Libertarian Party of the USA (I had to be specific since there is also a Libertarian Party of Canada). A lawyer and small business owner by profession, Mr. Grannis has many things to say that are worth listening to. One lecture that impressed me was a video blog he did on the national debt. And he was frank about it. We as a nation must immediately stop the wasteful spending and borrowing this nation is doing now and prepare for a period of austerity, or we may “face collapse” and our children will pay for our mistakes.

Mr. Grannis does not mince words—he makes it clear what he thinks and more importantly how well he phrases his arguments. I was especially impressed with his video on the rights granted in the U.S. Constitution and how the constitution grants the federal government few powers to rule over the states. His argument that the states and the people ultimately have the right to make and amend laws are the real power of how the U.S. Constitution works, and how the constitution protects individual freedom. In one of his other videos he talks about how what the TSA (Transportation Security Agency) is doing with invasive searches of airplane passengers is setting a new precedent of how invasive the U.S. government is getting into the private lives of citizens.
The man has a wealth of experience. He is now a partner in the Washington, D.C.- based law firm of Harris, Wittshire and Grannis LLP. He is running as a candidate for the Libertarian Party for the U.S. Congress (Maryland eighth district), and he co-writes and edits a blog called “Reasonable Minds.” He is a strong advocate for individual rights and less government to regulate our lives. For those wishing to know more about Mark Grannis and what he thinks, I recommend the two websites www.grannisforcongress.org, and www.lp.org.

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