High School Freshmen Attend College Orientation at Chicago State University

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - EducationChief Area Officer for Chicago Public Schools Division 24, Harrison Peters, recently transported 600 high school freshmen to the campus of Chicago State University for the “Freshmen Connection” program. Peters developed the program with the help of Chicago State University President Wayne Watson, Ph.D., where high school students were College Freshmen for a day. The program, similar to a college orientation, is designed to help students focus on their academic careers and create a long-range plan beyond high school graduation.

Freshman Connection at CSU was born out of an exploratory conversation between Peters and Watson. Peters believes that exposure and creating partnerships that build sustainability is one of the keys to success. President Watson echoes that exact sentiment and collaborated with Peters to create the Freshmen Connection Program. Eighth and ninth grade students from Bowen High School, Julian High School, Simeon Career Academy, Chicago Vocational Career Academy, Kennedy High School, Morgan Park High School and Hyde Park Academy received one-on-one interaction with CSU college professors about college academia, special college tours, and instructional activities. Students also received a special encouraging message from the keynote speaker, social justice advocate, Attorney Thomas N. Todd. For campus tours, please call the Office of Admissions at 773-995-2513 or visit www.csu.edu.

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