Solis Introduces Ordinance

Following new information regarding the levels of lead in the air surrounding Manuel Perez Elementary School and Benito Juarez High School in Pilsen, Alderman Danny Solis announced the creation of an ordinance which calls for closer monitoring of lead emissions. Further, the ordinance requires that any facility emitting lead at levels that are higher than the national ambient air quality standards cease operations immediately.

The ordinance is supported by over 500 parents and neighbors of Perez School who signed a petition supporting the ordinance. “The results released regarding lead levels by the Chicago Tribune were disturbing. I am very concerned about the health of the students at Perez School and Benito Juarez and all the neighbors living in this area. This ordinance is vitally important to protect the children and families living in communities near industrial areas. I have worked closely with the community, Department of Environment, Department of Health, Chicago Public Schools, and the Clean Power Coalition to move this forward as quickly as possible. I am committed to leading the charge in ensuring its passage,” said Ald. Solis of the new ordinance.

The ordinance requires these facilities to report lead levels on a quarterly basis to the City of Chicago and the Department of Environment. Any site that does not meet the federal ambient air quality standards will be required to cease operations. The facility would be prohibited from continuing operations until the site implements emission control programs that bring it within federal standards.

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