Berwyn Presents Food to Christian Life Center

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(From left to right) CSO Mark Antosiak, Officer Anthony Pellegrino, Pastor David Tinberg, Mayor Robert Lovero, Lead CSO Sergio Diaz, George Lambesis).

Upon successful completion of the 2011 National Night Out event, the Berwyn Police Department had a surplus of food from the event. With the trying times so many families are enduring, Mayor Robert J Lovero directed the Berwyn Police Department to donate the surplus food to a Berwyn food pantry. On August 8, Mayor Lovero, Deputy Police Chief Joseph Drury and George Lambesis (President, South Berwyn Custodian Association) presented Pastor David Tinberg of the Christian Life Center with the surplus food from the National Night Out event for the food pantry. Mayor Lovero encourages Berwyn businesses and resident’s to donate food and non-food items to the Christian Life Center’s food pantry which is sponsored by the Greater Chicago Food Depository. The Christian Life Center is requested that those who wish to donate food items; whether canned or fresh which are not spoiled or expired and/or clothing items are clean and deemed in good condition contact them. The Christian Life Center Food Pantry is located at 3409 South Grove Avenue Berwyn. If you have further inquiries, call 708-398-3234.

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