Chef Nelly: A Gelatin Artistry

 Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsChef Nelly Lagunas was born in Patzquaro, Michoacán Mexico and spent her childhood in nearby Tacambaro. Lagunas came to the United States in 1988 to work with her cousins in their market and delicatessen. While working with her cousins and raising her three children she learned English as well as the American culture. Lagunas also dreamed of having a family business in the future. She was always fascinated with cooking, and when she was only 10 years-old she began cooking classes. Later, her passion would blossom into an appreciation for artistic food preparation.

Lagunas was only familiar with non artistic gelatin desserts when her friend showed her a few techniques needed for preparation of Artistic Gelatins. Soon, she was passionately preparing these amazingly beautiful desserts to the amazement of friends and family. A short time later she decided to travel to Mexico in search of more advanced techniques offered by the Duché Company. It was during this time spent with Duché that she met the owners and was awarded the importation and distribution of Duché products in the Western United States. Quickly, Lagunas learned to make Gelatins and has since developed her own original techniques which make her Artistic Gelatins unique, and far above most others. Lagunas soon realized that these artistic gelatins satisfied her passions in both artistic food preparation and business. Soon after, she taught classes where her goal was to share all her talents and secrets. Currently, she teaches all the techniques and recipes necessary to prepare beautiful and professional Artistic Gelatins in just a few classes. Students are usually surprised at how simple the recipes and techniques are. With the completion of each course she awards diplomas. Nelly continues to consult with students after classes to help them succeed. She presently travels to large cities across the US sharing her talents with others.

Lagunas is now the “Exclusive Artistic Gelatin Chef in the U.S.” for Duché (the largest gelatin Manufacture in Mexico). She is certainly not your average Artistic Gelatin Chef, for she has been invited on such popular TV programs as “QUE SABOR” and “DESPIERTA AMERICA” as well as many other TV appearances and interviews. Chef Nelly has gone from a non English speaking US immigrant to a successful Chef and Businesswoman. Her message to all is to follow your passions, work hard, and be the best you can be, and you can also succeed as she has. Chef Nelly will be visiting the Chicago area starting Saturday, August 13th through Wednesday, August 17th to support a local student’s new business and offer her courses to interested students. If you are interested in learning more, visit or contact by phone at 1-805-688-3898 or 1-877-500-0907, or by her email:

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