Oh Give Me a Home, PLEASE

By: Daniel Nardini

 Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Commentary One part of the American Dream is for someone to own a place of their own. This is why I was distraught to hear that banks actually tear down homes so that they can give the land to city and town municipalities. They do it because they do not want to pay for the properties and can write them off. But it struck me as an incredible waste. Whatever condition a house or dwelling may be in, is it not better to give a family, a returning veteran, or a legal immigrant a home?

It would make more sense for them to be given a home since it would help to put people back in an abandoned home. It would help revive a neighborhood and a community rather than leave whole sections of towns and cities empty. It would mean that families or individuals with homes can pay a set mortgage and help to pay property taxes. It means that they can fix up a place and help renovate not just a place but also part of a community a little at a time. And a community that comes back from the brink is a community that will mean money will go to municipal funds for fire and police services, garbage collection and city and town services like tree and grass upkeep.

This would make far, far better sense than bulldozing homes—whatever shape they may be in—and just leaving the land bare. Think about all of the homeless who could benefit from having their own homes! This would include families who have already lost their own homes, veterans who have become homeless as a result of losing jobs or never receiving help, and immigrant families who want a share of the American Dream. At this stage, we have probably the highest number of homeless at any time since the Great Recession began. For all the services that any local or state government may provide for homeless families and homeless individuals it would make far more sense to give them a chance at owning a home. It would put stability into their lives and also put stability into any town or city that desperately needs it.

The sad thing is that the banks, which received billions in taxpayer dollars so they can function and get through the Great Recession, do not seem to be interested in helping out the same people whose tax dollars saved them. Is it any wonder why this great country is in great trouble?

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