Senator Delgado Joins Advisory Committee on Medicaid

 Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - BusinessIllinois State Senator William Delgado (D-Chicago) was appointed by Senate President John J. Cullerton to a bi-partisan committee that will focus on cost savings, identifying waste, and preserving services most needed by those served under the Illinois Medicaid program. “I am honored that the Senate President chose me to sit on this committee,” stated Senator Delgado. “The Medicaid program in Illinois has an immense impact, both in terms of taxpayer dollars and in terms of the effect it has on citizens across the State, and because of this we must continue to make reforms that will benefit all of the people of Illinois.”

Senate Joint Resolution 35 establishes the General Assembly’s Advisory Committee on Medicaid. This 12 member bi-partisan committee will make recommendations, with the aid of the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, on the progress of the Medicaid reform package, the development of new provider rate methodologies, the planning and expansion of the Medicaid program as required by federal law, and long-term care rebalancing efforts.

“The State of Illinois is the largest insurer in the State, covering one in every four citizens. Enrollment under the Department of Healthcare and Family Services’ Medical Programs currently totals approximately 2.9 million each month,” stated Senator Delgado. “This committee will ensure that the General Assembly stays engaged in public healthcare issues so they are prepared to make legislative and administrative recommendations to benefit this program.”

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