St. Augustine Announces Winner

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - EducationOn Friday, August 12th, Mariana Marchand received a call that almost brought tears to her eyes. She was informed that she was the winner of St. Augustine College’s $8,750 scholarship promotion. “I had devoted my time to care for my 1 year-old son and was thinking about going back to school. My husband and I are very happy about this opportunity. I am enrolling to study Accounting and will start classes next week,” stated Mariana. “We are happy that Mariana will be able to continue her education thanks to this scholarship. We are now starting to take registrations for the next drawing of an $8,750 scholarship, which will be held in January. I also want to remind everyone that class for the Fall semester start on August 22nd and that we will continue registration for the next two weeks,” declared Andrew C. Sund, President of St. Augustine College.
Anyone interested in registration for this Fall semester or to register to win the $8,750 scholarship can contact St. Augustine College at 773-878-8756 or registering online at

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