Chicago Surgeons Carry Out Successful Medical Mission in Mexico

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - HealthOffering hope, surgeons from the Chicago Lower Extremity Surgical Foundation (CLESF) and doctors from Guadalajara and Tepic Nayarit, Mexico conducted the medical mission called, “Walk. Run. Dream.” on May 12-16 at Mundo Fisico Medical Center in Guadalajara, Mexico.

This touching and successful endeavor provided six patients, including two adults and four children with severe deformities, the opportunity to change their lives by receiving complex surgery at no cost. Not long before, all patients and their families thought that the only alternative was amputation, as that was the diagnosis they received from their primary physicians.

The medical mission was organized and subsidized by non-profit organization CLESF and Mundo Fisico. The medical mission was initiated to bring together specialized surgeons from the United States to Mexico. “It was a pleasure for all of us and we take great pride in participating in the medical mission with such talented surgeons,” said Dr. Victor H. Delgadillo Bucio, director of Orthopedics at Mundo Fisico and member of the Foundation CLESF. For more information on the medical mission, visit

THE MEDICAL MISSION TEAM – The CLESF Foundation thanks and fully acknowledges the staff involved in this medical mission: Edgardo R. Rodriguez, D.P.M., CLESF, Chicago, IL; Paul Bishop, D.P.M., CLESF Foundation, Chicago, IL; Ramiro J. Atristaín Carrión, President, CLESF, Chicago, IL; Sarah Inciong, Director of Marketing & Development, CLESF, Chicago, IL; Antonia Hernandez, Board Member, CLESF, Chicago, IL; Victor H. Bucio Delgadillo, D.P.M., Director of Orthopedics, Mundo Físico, Guadalajara, Jalisco; Board Member, CLESF; Daniela Velazquez, Pediatric Surgeon & CLESF Fellow, Mexico City; Enrique Fragoso Olivares, Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon, Hospital de Salubridad, Tepic Nayarit; Cuauhtémoc Inzunza, Anesthesiologist, Mundo Físico, Guadalajara, Jalisco; José Luis Hernandez Reinoso, Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon, Mundo Físico, Guadalajara, Jalisco; Claudia Rivera, Managing Director, Mundo Físico, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

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