Overcoming Barriers: Mayor of Berwyn Robert Lovero Encourages Celebration

By: Ashmar Mandou

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News

Robert J. Lovero

Mayor Robert J. Lovero has been a resident of Berwyn for over 48 years. And with each year, his love and vision for the city of Berwyn grows tremendously. In the past year, Mayor Lovero, who represents a city that is comprised of 60 percent Hispanic, lowered the crime rate by partnering up with federal and county agencies, a task Mayor Lovero is most proud of an increased educational programs. “We really want our residents to feel safe and give them a community they can be proud to say they are a part of,” said Mayor Lovero. In his latest endeavor, Mayor Lovero hopes to increase business by brining in franchises to boost the local economy. “People are starting to realize that Berwyn isn’t a sleepy town. We have a vibrant community filled with residents who have an appreciation for their city.” Mayor Lovero shared his message for Mexican Independence and what it means to him.

Significance of Celebrating
Berwyn, being approximately over 60 percent Hispanic, signifies the fact that the Hispanic-American community has become an integral part, not just of Berwyn, but the whole state of Illinois. So just as every other ethnicity has celebrated their independence and their freedoms in the country, I believe that those of Hispanic heritage are able to show their pride in their ethnicity. I am partially Hispanic, but I recognize that all ethnicities have the right to celebrate their freedom and their heritage. I think that these celebrations of people banding together kind of emphasizes the neighborhood feeling that I like to see happening here in Berwyn.

If you become an active participant in your community, it will go a long way for you and your future. And I would like to see, not just the Hispanic community, but all communities come together and learn from one another.

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