Angel and Khriz Takes Over the Music Scene with Latest Album

By: Ashmar Mandou

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsWith mega hits like, “Ven Bailalo,” and “Na na” that evoke a carefree spirit and endless summer days, it is to no surprise that Angel and Khriz have overtaken the Latin American and U.S. market in a short amount of time. The Puerto Rican duo were able to conquer the world and position itself as one of the most popular urban groups of this generation. After a successful 2010 tour with reggeaton artists such as, Ivy Queen, Tego Calderon, and Jowell and Randy, Angel and Khriz’s song “Ven Bailalo” was named one of the most talked about songs of the decade by Billboard magazine in 2010. Currently, the duo is traveling to promote their latest production entitled, “Da ‘Takeover,” which according to Angel incorporates many different sounds that will appeal to everyone. Angel phoned in from Los Angeles to talk about his love for his fans and what his ideal date would be.

Lawndale News: I have to say my cousins in Ecuador were very jealous to hear about this interview. How does it feel to have fans that span across Latin America and the U.S.?
[Laughs] That is very sweet. It feels great to know that we have supporters all over the world. Nothing gives us greater joy than to be able to connect with our fans. At the end of the day, our music is for them. Our inspiration comes from them and their stories and of course, through our own experiences. Being able to be in the position that we are in allows us to travel around the world to meet with our fans. It’s one of the best times we have as artists.

LN: You are currently promoting, ‘Da Takeover.’ Talk to me about what fans can expect on this album?
Well, on each album we try to maintain fun beats that will have listeners dancing. But on this particular album we were very intrigued with the different sounds of countries we visited during our last tour. On this album we incorporated sounds from Colombia, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic, to name a few. You can hear salsa and bachata on this album. On our single, ‘Me Enamore,’ from our latest album, you can hear that the song starts off with a soft bachata melody then finishes off with a salsa beat just like our very first single, ‘Ven Bailalo.’ We feel on this album our fans will get a little bit of everything. We’re just excited for them to hear it.

LN: Speaking of ‘Me Enamore.’ Most of your songs deal with love and relationship. I’m sure our readers would like to know what your ideal date would be.
[Laughs] Well, I have to say it is always fun to write about a topic Khriz and I know very well based on our experiences with women, as well as what everyone experiences at one point or another. Love and relationships are universal themes and falling in love is a great feeling. You’ll never forget your first love. That said, my ideal date, I guess, would be to take her to a romantic dinner where she and I could get to know one another. Great dinner combined with great conversation would be ideal for me.

LN: Any plans to come back to Chicago?
Unfortunately, not in the near future. We were just there for a concert at VLive, so we’ll have to wait and see what next year has in store for us. I have to say, we love Chicago. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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