Getting to a Four Year College Through a Two Year College

By: Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryMy wife is at present attending a two year college. She discovered that many of the students at this two year college are going there in preparation to go on to a four year college. She learned that a growing number of two year technical colleges, as they are known, now have special programs for students who want to go to four year colleges. Here is how these programs work: A student attending a two year college for a certain major (such as accounting, nursing, business administration, etc) would take most of the course required by the two year college for that major to obtain an associate’s degree. However, the two year college would offer a list of special modified classes so that the student can transfer all his/her class credits to a four year college when he/she finishes their course work at the two year college. After these course credits are transferred to a four year college, and a student is accepted to that four year college, the student will go on to a four year college.

There are three major advantages of doing it this way. First is the cost. Going to a two year college is far less costly than a four year college. A student will pay the costs for going t a two year college and then go on to a four year college but will not have to pay for the full four year course work at a four year college thus saving a lot of money. Second, a student may attend a two year college because it is usually closer than their planned four year one. This way a student or his/her parents may be able to save up enough money to send that student on to the four year college. Finally, the student may spend a little more time trying to get a four bachelors degree, but the cost will be less and the time spent at the four year college will be maybe half. Since they already have transferred credits equal to one-third to one-half of all the credit needed at a four year college, it will mean they are far closer to already getting their bachelors degree.

Two year colleges are beginning to realize the potential of transfer programs to four year colleges, and are now offering more transfer programs in different courses than ever before. In fact, many two year colleges have transfer program agreements with certain colleges and universities so it will make it easier for students to transfer. Many two year colleges realize that students may need more than just an associates degree or want to pursue a higher degree. Transfer programs also work to the advantage of the four year colleges. If a student has good grades in a two year college (even though they did not do well in high school), then a four year college will take this into consideration on whether to accept a transferring student. In a strong way transfer programs serve as a ladder for a student who wants to continue their education. It is also a kind of redemption for students who may not have done well in high school. For those interested in knowing more about such transfer programs, consult a two year college near you.

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