The Possible Discovery of the Century

By: Daniel Nardini

I have been following the slow excavation of a tunnel found at the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuacan. The ancient city of the Toltec’s, Teotihuacan flourished from 100 B.C. to 600 A.D., and then was abandoned. To this day no one knows why, and theories abound why it was abandoned and stayed perfectly intact. The ancestors of the Aztecs, on their migration from up north, discovered this magnificent city and thought of it as the sacred place of the gods. The greatest puzzle of all is that to this day we do not know any of the kings who ruled this city, nor do we have a written history by which we know for certain about the events that transpired. This may all now change.

Earlier this year excavations have been slowly carried out on a tunnel that was accidentally found in 2003 when its opening collapsed due to a heavy rainstorm. The tunnel was found near the base of the Temple dedicated to the god Quetzalcoatl. It is believed that the tunnel was sealed off between 200 A.D. and 250 A.D. No one is sure when it was built. The archeological team has already discovered over 50,000 objects such as stones, jade, shells and rare forms of pottery. The tunnel has also yielded a sealed chamber that may lead to a king’s tomb. The archeologists have not said whether they have discovered any remains nor images of a Toltec king. If such a find is announced then it will without doubt be so far the greatest discovery for this century.

Even after 100 years of archeological work, we still have not found the tombs of any Toltec kings nor do we have any written records on who these kings may have been. We have plenty of written records of kings of various Mayan ancient city states that existed around the same period as Teotihuacan. But Teotihuacan has given us no clue about its history. That is maybe until now. Because of the conditions in Mexico today (the drug war, the fact that thieves have been known to rob tombs and ancient graves), the archeologists are keeping what they may have discovered between themselves. This is why we have not really heard anything about what is going on for such a long while. However, I hope the day when a major discovery will be announced is close at hand.

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