Local Chef Cooks Up Heavenly Cuisine

By: Ashmar Mandou

 Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsReared for culinary success, Mexican-native Ambrosio Gonzalez recently opened his second restaurant La Catedral Café and Restaurant in a quiet, residential neighborhood in Little Village. “The second time around I feel much more at eased,” laughed Gonzalez. His first attempt at owning a restaurant was short lived as Gonzalez had to tend to a family matter. “It was something that had to be done. The irony is that we had to close just as it started to become very busy for us,” said Gonzalez. Still, Gonzalez never lost hope at making a living out of his number one passion.

As a teenager, Gonzalez learned the inner workings of running a restaurant by watching his parents in action at their family styled restaurant for several years. “It wasn’t glamorous. My parents would wake up really early in the morning and not come home till late at night. But helping them out kept me off of the streets,” said Gonzalez. When he immigrated to Chicago at the age of 17, Gonzalez brought with him the work ethic his parents instilled in him, determination, vision, and not to mention several family recipes. “I have to say, we have the best enchiladas in the City,” laughed Gonzalez.

Now at his second chance, Gonzalez is eager to please his customers with eclectic menu, for all palates, that ranges from traditional Mexican dishes of Chilaquiles and Enchiladas to European style dishes of Crepes and Paninis. “I wanted to keep the most popular dishes, but also provide a several healthy options. That is something you don’t really see,” said Gonzalez. La Catedral Café and Restaurant offers patrons an assortment of delectable treats from natural juices and smoothies to various types of salads. Chicagoans can nosh on great food for an affordable price, raves Gonzalez. If you would like to visit La Catedral Café and Restaurant, head to 2500 S. Christiana Ave or call at 773-823-7546. “I just want people who come in to really enjoy the food. That’s my main goal.”

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