Mitt Romney: Liar for Our Time

By: Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Commentary “I’m so proud to earn Kris’s [Kobach] support. Kris has been a true leader on securing our borders and stopping the flow of illegal immigration into this country. We need more conservative leaders like Kris willing to stand up for the rule of law. With Kris on the team, I look forward to working with him to take forceful steps to curtail illegal immigration and to support South Carolina and Arizona that are stepping forward to address the problem,” This quote came from Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. As I explained in a previous article a few weeks before, Kris Kobach is counsel for the Immigration Law Reform Institute—the legal arm of the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform (FAIR). The Southern Poverty Law Center has described FAIR as an anti-immigrant extremist group. The Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the country’s leading civil rights organizations fighting right wing extremist groups like FAIR. Needless to say, Kris Kobach is a leading member in FAIR, so this makes him an anti-immigrant bigot.

Kris Kobach was also one of the legal advisers for helping the states of South Carolina and Arizona draft their state immigration laws. For Mitt Romney to not only receive support from the likes of Kris Kobach, but for Mitt Romney to fully support Kris Kobach in return, shows that Mitt Romney is in fact anti-immigrant . The above quote that Romney gave is proof of that. Further, Romney is on record as saying he will veto the federal DREAM Act if passed by the U.S. Congress and that he will never pursue immigration reform that gives a pathway for undocumented but will use law enforcement only. Mr. Romney can claim that he is the son of a Mexican father and a Welsh mother, but this does not change his personal stance. For U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (Republican-Florida) to say that Mitt Romney is “not anti-immigrant” is a back slap against other Republican Latinos who clearly say otherwise. There are Republican Latinos who are saying that Romney should brake with Kris Kobach if he is to get the Latino vote not only within the Republican Party but also nationally in the November election.

Mitt Romney may have used this strategy to win over the Religious Right and those conservatives who are against “illegal immigration,” but this whole thing will most likely backfire against Romney in the very near future. If you look at it he will be seen as either a liar and an opportunist who is simply parroting what certain powerful people and groups want to hear, or he really is an anti-immigrant bigot which will cost him maybe the Republican primary and possibly the general presidential election if somehow he is nominated by his party for the Republican candidacy for president. Any way you look at it, he looks especially bad among Latinos. Currently, the situation remains fluid as to who will become the Republican candidate for the presidency. Will it be Mitt Romney, or Newt Gingrich? Right now, most Latinos are writing off Mitt Romney as anti-Latino, and the chances are growing that Latinos—if they will vote at all—will most likely vote for current U.S. President Barack Obama. Obama may have broken almost all of his promises to Latinos, but he does not look as threatening as Romney.*

*Note: Many in the Mitt Romney campaign may seriously object to what I have stated above. However, I should point out that I am quoting reliable sources and material to back up my arguments. If any in the Romney campaign find my stuff “slanted,” they should first try to knock down the sources I have used to disprove me.

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