Candidate for State Representative of 24th District Neftalie Gonzalez

By: Ashmar Mandou

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsFormer Chicago Police Officer and now current candidate for State Representative of the 24th District Neftalie Gonzalez has high hopes in the upcoming March 20 Primary Election. “I know my community and the needs of the individuals,” said Gonzalez. After witnessing the elimination of many resources and programs in his community and throughout the city, Gonzalez felt compelled to put his name on the ballot. No stranger to the campaign trail, Gonzalez, who previously ran for Alderman of the 22nd Ward, believes his years as a former police officer will help reinforce a tough administration as well as increase safety measures throughout his district. As a native of Mexico, Gonzalez aims to increase services that target the undocumented population and create more jobs that will benefit middle class families. “As I knocked on doors, I sympathized with so many families. Their problems are not unique to them. We have to create opportunities to even out the playing field,” said Gonzalez. Even though, candidate Gonzalez may have a tough time taking the spotlight away from incumbent Lisa Hernandez or candidate Rafael Reyes, Gonzalez feels it is his duty to present another platform of ideas to the people of the 24 district. “If elected, I promise to work hard, like I have in the past as police officer…I vow to really work with the legislators in Springfield to bring about more resources, instead of cuts,” said Gonzalez. As part of his campaign, Gonzalez focuses on reducing crime rates by increasing security measures, bringing in more funding for after school programs, and creating more opportunities for the undocumented residents.

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