Illinois Senator Steve Landek released the following statement on yesterday’s Democratic Primary election race in the 12th District:

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsI would like to thank all of the voters of the new 12th District for their vote of confidence in my leadership. I want to also thank the community and elected leaders in the district who supported my candidacy for election in this new Senate District.

I look forward to representing the Democratic Party in the general election in November.

During the past three months, I addressed the issues that the district’s residents are concerned with, and I focused on the district’s needs. I visited every neighborhood and community to meet with constituents and I listened to their concerns. The 12th District is a very diverse district and I look forward to fighting for the needs of all of the district’s constituents as I have always done during my career in public service.

Senator Steve Landek

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