Delgado Opposes Quinn’s Proposed Medicaid Funding Plan

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - HealthState Senator William Delgado (D–Chicago) believes there has to be a better way to help fund the Medicaid program than to cut provider funding and increasing taxes. “First and foremost cutting $2.7 billion in Medicaid spending in one year is unrealistic,” stated Senator Delgado, chairman of the Senate Public Health Committee. “Many alternatives have been presented during this process and have obviously been ignored by the Governor. His proposal threatens our most vulnerable citizens and will interrupt vital services that will end up costing Illinois more in the long run.”

The focus of the Quinn’s proposal is to raise taxes on cigarettes by one dollar a pack. Quinn contends this increase is the only way to help pay for rising Medicaid costs. Another part of his proposal is a reduction in reimbursement rates to health care providers. This would eliminate more dollars that hospitals and local providers rely on to care for patients who do not have insurance or are on Medicaid. Finally, his proposal will crack down on those who are receiving Medicaid benefits while not being eligible. However, no details were given as to how the fraud and abuse would be determined. “I agree that we need to ensure that all of the people receiving care through the Medicaid programs are eligible,” said Senator Delgado. “However, the proposal I heard from the Governor is unacceptable, we need to come together as a state to ensure the changes we make to Medicaid do not let our most vulnerable populations fall through the cracks.”

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