New Safety Strategies Underway

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsNew coordinated crime-fighting strategies aimed at integrating efforts to combat not only gang-related violence but also criminal activity associated with “problem” businesses in Chicago’s neighborhood is underway. The City’s new Gang Violence Reduction Strategy (GVRS) will serve to actively promote inter-bureau efforts to combat gang violence and is based on a nationally-proven approach of preventing this kind of serious violence. Concurrently, the City has revamped its enforcement processes for establishments with business licenses to more effectively target liquor and convenience stores that serve as conduits for criminal activity. These two parallel strategies will increase coordination across City departments and community resources in order to more effectively prevent crime and ensure safety in Chicago’s neighborhoods.

“This is the first comprehensive strategy to defeat the violence associated with gangs, streamlining intelligence, communication and resources across bureaus and within the community,” said Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. “This strategy is multi-faceted and does not rely solely on arrests for combating the unique gang issue in Chicago.” Since this process was implemented in April, four liquor establishments have had their licenses revoked and their doors closed. Another fifteen businesses have been referred for disciplinary action and could be subject to revocation. “Businesses serve as anchors in their communities, but some serve as conduits for criminal activity, and those are the businesses that we are targeting,” said Mayor Emanuel. “Whether you are a problem business, a violent street corner, or a known drug market, we will go after you.”

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