Sinai Health System and Holy Cross Hospital in Affiliation Discussions

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - HealthSinai Health System and Holy Cross Hospital are in the due-diligence phase of discussions about the possibility of Holy Cross Hospital affiliating with Sinai Health System. Sinai Health System and Holy Cross Hospital are faith-based, neighboring hospitals with a long tradition and a common mission to serve people living in the communities on Chicago’s west and southwest sides.

“As we continue with the due diligence process, we seek to confirm that the affiliation of Holy Cross Hospital with Sinai Health System would elevate and strengthen both institutions,” said Alan Channing, president and CEO, Sinai Health System. “Sinai Health System and Holy Cross Hospital appear to complement each other well in terms of medical staffs, the range of services offered by each organization and populations served.”

“Holy Cross Hospital would retain its Catholic identity,” Wayne Lerner, president, Holy Cross Hospital said. “That would mean everyone would continue to observe the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Healthcare on the Holy Cross Hospital campus, but it would not affect the components of Sinai Health System.”

Due diligence is scheduled for completion in July, with a letter of intent signing likely to follow soon after. Holy Cross would be the fourth hospital in Sinai Health System, joining Mount Sinai Hospital, Sinai Children’s Hospital, and Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital. Sinai also includes Sinai Medical Group, Sinai Community Institute and Sinai Urban Health Institute.

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