Cooling Centers Available in Cicero

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - HealthWith the summer heat upon us, please keep all of our neighbors, particularly our seniors, in mind with regard to the heat. Please check in on seniors to make sure they are keeping sufficiently cool. Cooling centers are available at several locations throughout town:

    Cicero Public Safety Building – open during the day until 4pm
    5410 West 34th Street – (708) 656-3600 x 537

    Cicero SOS Headquarters – open 24 hours a day
    5444 West 34th Street

    Cicero Community Center – open during the day until 8pm
    2250 South 49th Avenue

    Police Headquarters – open 24 hours a day
    4901 West Cermak

Open hours at certain locations may be adjusted depending on the weather and the heat. Please call 708-652-2130 to check on specific open hours for each cooling center.

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