Sandoval Pushes for Bus by School Time

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State Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D), Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, center, stood with concerned neighbors in front of the Little Village High School and called on the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) to immediately provide bus service to the 31st Street corridor.

State Senator Martin Sandoval conducted a town hall meeting to engage Little Village residents and LVEJO and address their frustrations and the injustice due to the lack of bus service along 31st Street. For over 15 years, the neighborhood of Little Village and many others along 31st Street in the City of Chicago have been without a standard east-west bus route between Cermak Avenue (22nd Street) and 47th Street, leaving a three mile and a quarter gap between easy-west bus routes.

“Hundreds of working families, service veterans and students are left without a safe passage through Little Village, that’s unacceptable. I’m calling on Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CTA President Forest Claypool to provide transportation for my community before school starts,” demanded Senator Sandoval.

“It seems like every community is getting new transit service – the Green Line was rebuilt a few years ago and this week the Red Line will be completely rebuilt – but Little Village is left behind,” said Kim Wasserman, director of LVEJO.

Senator Sandoval introduced on May 28 a Resolution in the Illinois Senate – SR 795 – that calls on the Chicago Transit Authority to prioritize funds to re-launch the 31st Street bus to serve the people of Little Village and other communities. Sandoval will be attending the next CTA board meeting with LVEJO and community residents on August

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