Save a Life During Hispanic Heritage Month

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Esta es la imagen del pequeño Christopher que su familia tiene que ver frecuentemente, mientras imploran que un donante de hígado aparezca y le salve la vida al pequeño.

“Hispanic Heritage Month” is celebrated in the United States from September 15 to October 15. During this time, Americans commemorate and celebrate the contributions of Latin Americans in the United States.

From the creation of Instabook to the invention of the color TV, the contributions of the Hispanic community have helped forge the path for a brighter future – a future that, unfortunately, some will never see without an organ, eye or tissue transplant that can save or improve their lives.

Registering as an organ donor through the state’s donor registry is a contribution every Hispanic American can make that will positively affect thousands of lives.

This is precisely the contribution that Maria Raymundo, mother 7-month-old Christopher who has practically lived in the hospital since his birth, asks for. “I can’t carry him because he has fractures in his legs, arms and wrists. Even when his diaper is changed, the child cries,” recounts Raymundo.

Raymundo describes her daily odyssey with a baby that suffers from dextrocardia, a condition where the heart is on the right side of the body instead of left. His dysfunctional liver delays his wounds and fractures from healing. Christopher has been added on the waiting list awaiting a liver needed to save his life. It takes 30 seconds and can be done through, or by calling (630) 758-2744.

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