Listen to Your Kid, You Have Everything to Gain

Courtesy of New Futuro

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - EducationParents: How often do you really listen to you kids? Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with thinking that your kids are inexperienced, don’t know much, and need your help. The truth is, your kids, no matter at what age they are; still need your full love and attention. Just as importantly: they need to feel like you’re listening to them. It reinforces trust, and shows them you’re considering their input. Making a point to hear your kid out will bring you even closer together, and you’ll gain so much from it.

Dialogue Is Important
Yes, we get it. You’re the parent, and therefore, whatever you say goes, but dialogue is important. If you just go by your plans without talking to your kids, you may not know if your plan fits their skills, interests, and needs. For example, if you want your kid to be a brain surgeon, but you know they squeam anytime they see a drop of blood anywhere, then it’s probably not a good idea. It’s easy to push your expectations on your kid because you want what’s best for them, but at times that can give your kid the wrong signal; it can make them feel like you don’t even care what they think. Spending quality time with them is also really important.

A Few Words of Youthful Wisdom
Play up your kid’s strengths and talents. Be supportive of the things they care about and help them be the best at whatever moves them. It’ll mean the world to your kids that you’re supportive of the things they’re interested in, rather than the agenda you’re trying to push on them for their future. Whatever their strengths, helping your child learn at home is a massive support. Giving them the space to be productive is key.
In the end, as a parent, your job is to help your children grow to be smart, respectful, productive members of society, and they can only do that if they’re following their passions. Practical skills are important, but smart kids are going to make it, regardless of industry. If you listen to your kid, you really have everything to gain.

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