In Pursuit of Safe Toys

By: Daniel Nardini

For children, Christmas should be a beautiful time. They should not suffer injury or death. Sadly, here we go again with dangerous and unsafe toys. Why does this seem to happen so often? It was exactly four years ago that we had the major scandal of unsafe toys imported from China. After a major outcry, the toy companies “promised” that this would never happen again. Four years ago, I predicted that it would happen again, and we are back to square one. This year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission stopped over 2 million units of unsafe and dangerous toys from coming into the United States. All I can say is bless these wonderful and caring people for doing everything they can in protecting our children! They are doing their best to help stop toys with dangerous sharp parts or too much lead from getting on to the shelves of toy and department stores. I wish the companies that have these unsafe toys made would be doing this.

But even with all the efforts of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, it is not enough. Sadly. some products that are less than safe do get on to the shelves that should not be there. Personally, I would not recommend buying any toy(s) from countries that have shown a very unsatisfactory record of safety. What I recommend to parents is buying toys from countries with very high safety standards. Of course, one of these countries is Germany. Among the products I recommend are Steiff stuffed toys. Since 1880, Steiff has been making high quality stuffed toys that have delighted children of all ages. For more information on how to locate a store that carries Steiff stuff toys, go to There are, of course, all kinds of toys made right here in the U.S. It bothers me that many of these safe and high quality toys are NOT carried in major toy and department stores. Wonderful stuffed toys like those made by the Stuffington Bear Toy company. Founded in 1959, this company has been making stuff toys for children ever since. To buy Stuffington Bear stuffed toys, go to the website

Finally, for all other products, including toys, made in the U.S., I recommend the website There are hundreds of items made in the U.S. that would make wonderful Christmas gifts for all. I am providing all of this information to help families have a safe and happy holiday season. I hope to prevent a tragic Christmas for any and all families with my little bit of advice.

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