Nuestra Belleza Latina Gears Up for New Season

By: Ashmar Mandou

Winner of last year’s Nuestra Belleza Latina 2012, Vanessa de Roide has some advice for the ladies auditioning for next season’s show this Thursday at VLive. “Be prepared to have your life completely changed,” laughed Roide, who phoned Lawndale Bilingual Newspaper this week to offer up some tips on how this year’s hopefuls can set themselves apart from the competition. “What truly helped me was being myself,” said Roide. “You have to know your strengths and talents and just go from there.”

The Puerto Rican native relied on her strengths when it came time to impressing the judges last year. “There was times when I was a little nervous, but the whole experience of competing was a challenge I enjoyed overcoming,” said Roide. As the current image of Fox Deportes, Roide has enjoyed her time playing TV host to several shows as well as traveling to various cities. “I can’t highlight one moment that stands out for me the most, but I will say my life will never be the same,” said Roide. “I look forward to what life has in-store for me this year.” On Thursday, Jan. 17 from 9a.m., to noon at VLive, 2047 N. Milwaukee Ave., women can line up to audition for their chance to become 2013’s Nuestra Belleza Latina winner. “All my Latinas should come out and audition!” As for some piece of advice for the young hopefuls, ‘go with lots of energy and enthusiasm, lots of passion, and trust in one’s own capabilities,” said Roide.

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