Saint Anthony Hospital Expands Surgery Department and Augments Services with New Techniques

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - BusinessSaint Anthony Hospital has announced an expansion of the medical staff for its Department of Surgery, which will provide even more advanced and innovative approaches to surgical care for adults and children in the Lawndale community. The six new physicians joining the Saint Anthony medical staff in the Department of Surgery are renowned in their field, with world-class training and experience in all aspects of general surgery and minimally invasive procedures.

“The new surgical group allows Saint Anthony Hospital to make available advanced surgical services and techniques to our patients that in the past have been available in our community on only a very limited basis,” stated Mitchell Goldflies, M.D., chairman, surgery.

Saint Anthony Hospital President and Chief Executive Officer Guy A. Medaglia was among the first patients treated by the new surgical group. Medaglia was recently diagnosed with melanoma. While family and friends not familiar with Saint Anthony Hospital urged Medaglia to consider a facility specializing in cancer treatment, he opted to have his surgery conducted by Dr. Charles B. Schubert, a member of the Tiesenga Surgical Group, who has recently joined the Saint Anthony Hospital medical staff.

“I am fortunate that I have options and could have gone anywhere in the country to have my surgery – yet I made the personal choice to have it right here at Saint Anthony because I believe in this hospital and its staff,” said Medaglia. “So many in our community don’t have options, which is why it is so important for us to ensure that we make quality health services available here, and that is what we did and will continue to do.”

The surgeons joining Saint Anthony Hospital’s Department of Surgery include: Frederick M. Tiesenga, M.D., FACS; Charles B. Schubert, M..D.; Rabia Z. Bhatti, M.D.; Scott Reishus, D.O.; Stephen F. Laga, M.D..; and Michael J. Sherrow, M.D., FACS. The group will offer breast surgery, advanced laparoscopic, bariatric, endoluminal, vein endovascular, cardiac thoracic, vascular, wound care and single site incision surgery services. More information on Focal Point can be found at

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