Cicero Election Tuesday, February 26th

By: Ashmar Mandou

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Juan Ochoa

Residents will soon decide between incumbent Larry Dominick and candidate Juan Ochoa over who will lead the Town of Cicero in the next years when Election Day occurs Tuesday, Feb. 26th. And although the race has been tainted with allegations and contention, both Dominick and Ochoa want to make sure their message is received loud and clear. Read up on what they both had to say in the days leading up to election and why your vote is important.

Lawndale News: With Election Day just days away, can you describe to me your overall sentiment around your campaign and if you feel your message to the Town of Cicero is being well-received?

Juan Ochoa: We are fired up. We have hundreds of volunteers in the streets of Cicero, talking to voters and making sure they have all the information to vote, whether they’re voting early, by mail or on Election Day, February 26. They’re out there and they’re excited.

Lawndale News: Please take me back to the moment you decided to run for Cicero Town President? Why the interest?

JO: Cicero is really an amazing town. We have so many assets–beautiful homes, wonderful communities, great restaurants–but we also have serious challenges to face.

So I decided to run for Town President because I believe I can make a difference. I bring business management and leadership skills, and a community organizing background. We can get our government here in Cicero working efficiently so that our police and teachers have the resources they need.

Lawndale News: Can you tell me what your goals are for Cicero should you be elected?

JO: My top priorities are making our streets safer for Cicero families, improving our school system, and creating a friendlier environment for small business owners.

As far as education is concerned, west suburban parents should want to send their kids to Cicero public schools, just like they want to send their kids to Oak Park or Forest Park schools. But as long as our schools are underfunded, some classrooms are overcrowded and our high school is failing to effectively prepare our teenagers for higher education, that won’t be the case.

I’ve called for all-day pre-kindergarten and an extended school day. As Town President, I’ll make sure that Cicero public schools get the millions of dollars in federal E-Rate funding for technology in schools. I know what business owners need from my years as the CEO of the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and of McCormick Place and Navy Pier. We should be encouraging businesses to expand, to take risks, to hire more workers.

LN: Lastly, if you would reiterate, why Cicero residents should vote for you this Tuesday?

JO:On February 26, we can make an historic change for our community. We need elected leaders who truly represent the people of Cicero. I have the experience to bring the leadership we need to this town.

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