Cicero Town Assessor Talks Accomplishments

By: Ashmar Mandou

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsTown of Cicero Assessor Emilio “Emo” Cundari wants residents to ask themselves if the town would be better off without Larry Dominick as president. “I would say anyone who lives here can see the difference and the progress we have made in the last eight years since Dominick’s role as President,” said Cundari, a certified public assessment officer, who has served the town of Cicero as Director of Community Development since 2005. “We are part of a team here, alongside Dominick, and we are proud of the accomplishments we have made so far.”

What Cundari is most proud of is how the lives of Cicero residents transformed in the past years. According to Cundari, his team was able to increase the success rate for residents appealing their property taxes to 80 percent, proving Cicero has residents’ best interest at heart. “I think one thing that we are very proud of is our ability to help people. We have a high success rate and we have saved taxpayers in Cicero millions of dollars,” said Cundari.

Part of Cundari’s responsibilities as Cicero Town Assessor is to offer information and assistance in filing Board of Review appeal forms, filing for Senior Exemption, provide information about the Homeowners Exemption, and assistance in completing “Circuit Breaker” grants application, among others. Being able to offer valuable assistance to Cicero residents is just one of the many perks that come with Cundari’s job, but what Cundari finds most appealing is the ability to bring new business in a struggling economy. “We were able to bring Wirtz Beverage, an established business, to Cicero and set up fort in this community,” said Cundari. “That move, alone, shows that we are committed to providing jobs and generate revenue to this town.” As Cicero elections approaches, Cundari urges residents to think about where they would like to be in the next years. “Residents have to ask themselves if they are better off than they were eight years ago,” said Cundari. “I cannot see anybody saying ‘yes.’ And in order for the Town to keep moving in the right direction, we need to re-elect Larry Dominick and the rest of his team.”

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