Sharyne Moy Tu : Photographer

By: Ashmar Mandou

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsThe photographic work of Sharyne Moy Tu could easily grace the pages of the National Geographic. Her unique eye for capturing the beauty and detail of some of the most exotic places and people around the globe is what earned her a spot for the second time in a row in this year’s Voces de Mujeres, an art exhibit celebrating Women’s History Month that will feature the work of five artists from around the city. “Being the only Chinese woman showing my work in a Hispanic gallery makes the event even more special to me,” said Tu. “I feel even more honored to be able to represent my community and to showcase the women of Southeast Asia through my work.”

Tu’s passion for photography developed as a child looking through the pages of Life and Look magazines. But it wasn’t until she came across the images of the African pygmy tribes that left a profound impact on what Tu wanted to be. “When I saw those striking images of the pygmy tribes, I thought how fascinating it would be to travel to other places and experience different cultures,” said Tu. Fostering her passion and enthusiasm for photography, Tu was able to travel to some of the most far off cities across the globe, such as Prague, Hong Kong, Venice, and Beijing. “Life is all about living the moment and taking risks and enjoying what life has to offer,” said Tu. Although Tu experienced some minor setbacks in recent months with the loss of her primary job, she hasn’t let that stop her from pursuing her number one love. “As a single mom, I want to instill that passion for life in my child. Following what makes you the happiest is what is important because life is so fast and it is important to be able share your joys and passion with others,” said Tu. “Being able to tell stories, share my perspective of the world, and share a part of my personality through my photos is an incredible feeling.”

Never without a camera in hand, Tu encourages young women to step outside of their comfort zone, whether its through traveling aboard or simply scoping out the hidden treasures of Chicago neighborhoods, “just click away and enjoy the diversity.” To view the work of Tu, visit

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