Study: ‘Sexting’ is Not as Prevalent Amongst Latino Youth Compared to Other Minority Youths

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - HealthA new study on the relatively new and popular x-rated way of communicating known as “sexting” appears not to be as popular among Latino youth.

The study conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston specifically examined the prevalence and patterns of sexting (sending and/or receiving a nude or semi-nude picture/video or a sexual text-only message) among a sample of black and Hispanic youth.

More than 20 percent of students reported sending either a nude or semi-nude picture/video or a sexual text-only message (jointly referred to as a ‘‘sext’’), and more than 30 percent reported receiving a sext. Sexts were also frequently shared with unintended recipients. Black males and females reported similar prevalence estimates for sexting behaviors.

However, they were more likely than Hispanic males to participate in some sexting behaviors. Hispanic females reported the lowest estimates for sexting behaviors for all gender–race/ethnicity subgroups.

Many youth who sent or received a nude or semi-nude picture/video were also likely to have sent or received sexual text-only messages. The results of this study indicate that sexting is prevalent among ethnic minority youth with Black females sending the most sexually suggestive messages that include sending a nude picture or video of themselves.

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