Food of the Month Program Promotes Health Eating

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - EducationAs part of the Monthly Food of the Month Club (FOM), the UIC-Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion (CPHP) hosted a green bean tasting in 11 schools and inspired 7800 students to eat their healthy high fiber vegetables with carotenoids. This year CPHP have done tastings at 44 schools impacting over 22,800 students.
This month’s tasting also involved a green bean rap contest at the National Teacher’s Academy. The winners were: 1st place Qamara Scott 2nd grade, 2nd place Justus White 7th grade and 3rd place Keon Snuggilan 2nd grade.
Poetry Rhymes and Raps: Green been rap contest promoted healthy eating alongside musical expression. The Food of the Month (FOM) program aligns the lunch meal to the classroom based OrganWiseGuys Wellness Educational Outreach Program provided by CPHP at 50 CPS schools. The FOM tasting supports our organization’s mission to provide high quality nutrition education, health promotion and disease prevention services through partnerships directed at eligible families in Chicago.

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