Cease Fire Week Kicks-Off in Cicero

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Noticias LocalesBy: Ashmar Mandou

Corazón Community Services, in conjunction with the Town of Cicero, and elected officials, successfully kicked-off their annual Cease Fire Week 2013 in Cicero, Monday morning.

“Violence of all forms has plagued our community, but recently we have begun to see changes. It is during this event that we both combat that violence and celebrate new peace. Cease Fire Week has become an essential staple in the Cicero community, to youth, parents, providers and elected officials alike,” said Mary E. Johnson, A.M., executive director at Corazón Community Services in a statement.

This is the seventh annual Cease Fire Week in Cicero when parents, children, and community supporters join together to address the issue of violence by putting together a weeklong event filled with activities that foster peace and solidarity. “The community comes together peacefully and willingly. It is something to celebrate and something to be very proud of,” said Johnson.

Since 2003, Corazón has brought effective, life-improving programs to the Cicero community promoting youth safety, health education, and leadership skills. Today, the nonprofit serves well over 17,000 youth and families every year through its core program departments: Youth Services, Health Education and Community Initiatives. Corazón is run by young adults; a dynamic, bicultural staff with a successful record in social programs and a deep understanding of youth, Latino and community needs.

Thursday (6/27): Basketball Instruction and Tournament; Family Fun Festival; Community Vigil for Violence
Friday (6/28): Family Health Fair; Peace March and Celebration; Break Dance Battle and Talent Show

For learn more about Cease Fire Week, visit www.corazoncs.org.

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