Senate Votes for the Gun Owners of Illinois

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - BusinessIllinois State Senator Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago) voted on an agreed proposal that will make concealed carry laws a reality in Illinois.

Concealed carry permits will be issued to any individual qualified applicant. To qualify, an applicant must have a valid FOID card, be at least 21 years of age, complete 16 hours of firearm training, have no convictions for violent misdemeanors in the past five years and have not have two or more DUI convictions in the previous five years.

If law enforcement finds an applicant to be a danger or threat to public safety, they can object to an application and that objection will be reviewed by a seven member Board made up of federal judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, and a mental health professional.

This measure also lists a number of prohibited places like schools, government buildings, hospitals, bars, and parks where firearms are not allowed to be carried.

In addition, this legislation provides those licensed to have a concealed weapon to be provided a safe haven in his or her car if the firearm is locked in a case or in a truck.

Most importantly the bill will prohibits towns from further restricting any issue related to concealed carry, transportation of firearms by FOID Card holders and any new assault weapons bans. As a safety precaution, the bill will require very strict mental health reporting so that people with mental health issues cannot get a FOID Card and possess a firearm. This legislation has passed both chambers and now awaits the signature of the governor.

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