Baby Homicide

By: Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Commentary Reyna Garcia, a pregnant lady working for the supermarket company Albertsons, was forced to carry boxes weighing more than 15 pounds. Before she became pregnant this was her job. According to company records she had done an exemplary job. However, when she was pregnant, the company denied that she be put into a less strenuous job or moved to another department until her pregnancy came to term. Even after submitting three medical notes from three doctors about her condition, the managers at the company still assigned her to hard physical labor. When she was doing this kind of hard work she started to have contractions. Garcia was rushed to the hospital where her baby was born. Unfortunately, the baby died 10 minutes later.

Garcia has now filed a lawsuit against Albertsons in San Luis Obispo Superior Court in California. You can be sure that the company will claim that they had nothing to do with the baby’s death. This company’s argument is not credible. In my view, the company is guilty of corporate murder of an unborn child. They should have taken into account her condition, and that alone should have made those responsible for what they did try and provide whatever protections at the workplace for this expecting mother. These people did not need notes from three doctors about her condition for anyone in management to see the obvious—keeping a pregnant woman at a physically demanding position is simply asking for trouble. Of course, they kept her working even though she was feeling contractions because high ranking officials were coming. So, high ranking company officials are more important than a human life?

Logic and common sense alone should have prevailed in how this woman was treated. I have to wonder whether racism played a part in this, or whether it was just total incompetence at the top or a total disregard for life and limb? Regardless, this lady is suing this company, and I hope she wins BIG. No doubt this company will fight back so that they can keep treating workers with such inhumanity. If I was the local Latino community, I would boycott Albertsons and their stores. Such inhumanity should never be tolerated. What happened to Reyna Garcia is most probably a good example of how this company treats its workers. Poor Mrs. Garcia was forced to work because she needed a job and health insurance to cover her pregnancy. Now she has paid a terrible price for this. I can only hope that justice will prevail for Reyna Garcia.

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