Chicago Shakespeare in the Parks Set to Debut: Interview with Anthony Vega, Assistant Project Manager

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsChicago Shakespeare Theater (CST) is ready to unveil its latest production, The Comedy of Errors to Chicago neighborhoods across the city. Free for all to enjoy, The Comedy of Errors, will visit Gateway Park at Navy Pier on July 26th and July 27th for preview performances. The opening performance of Chicago Shakespeare in the Parks will take place at Eckhart Park on Sunday, July 28th at 4pm. For the full list of parks Chicago Shakespeare in the Parks will be visiting head over to This week, staff writer Blanca Flores spoke with one of the Assistant Project Manager’s for Shakespeare in the Parks who shared a little insight as to what the crowd should expect this year.

Interview Conducted by Blanca Flores

Lawndale Bilingual News: Can you describe in your own words Shakespeare in the park?
Anthony Vega:
It’s a new tradition that will hopefully keep going. For those that do not know much about theater, it’s an introduction to theater, to art.

LN: How did you get involved in this project?
I was recommended. In high school I participated in the theater department and I kept communication with my mentor. I was recommended, had an interview with the project manager and once I started to work on the project last year.

LN: What do you enjoy most about taking part in this program?
Working with different communities and art programs. There are communities that do not have free programs and it is nice to be able to take one to them.

LN: Why do you think the people of Chicago have supported this program from day one?
There are many organizations that have free programs. This program is new and we go to the parks. It is time for Chicago to do something.

LN: How do you prepare for shows?
I look for art organizations. To prepare, we visit the communities, send emails, and make phone calls. We try to create partnerships.

LN: Are you nervous, excited, or anxious for these performances to start?
I am a bit nervous. I’m always nervous, but I know that the audience is going to like them.

LN: For those who didn’t have a chance to see Shakespeare in the Park last year, what should they expect this year?
The acting is different. The show is a comedy that lasts 35 minutes. Before each performance there’s a green show, which consists of different art and theatre organizations presenting for ten minutes.

LN: Shakespeare in the park will be visiting various places around Chicago, is there a specific area that you are eager to visit? Why?
Marquette Park because I grew up there. Each park is different and we are trying to get people to go out, but I really want to return to Marquette Park.

LN: The shows are for families and people of all ages; do you think there will be a specific age group that will enjoy these tales the most?
No, the acting is physical. The actions make everyone understand what is happening, even if they do not understand the language. Even the kids will pay attention to what the actors are doing and will want to know what else they are up to. Speaking about the story itself, the teens and adults will enjoy and understand the performance more.

LN: Is there any message you want the audience to leave with after watching a performance?
I hope they help and become more involved with art and theater organizations. Help out so there can be more free events for their communities.

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