Get Your Beach Body This Summer

By: Carmen Lopez

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - HealthAs the weather warms up, people are seeking the perfect “beach body.” However, they want to see rapid results which can cause more harm than good to the body. There are key steps that must be taken to prevent injury and ensure that workouts are effective.

Throughout the years, people were told to stretch before and after a workout. However, this is losing popularity. Physical Therapist, Manuel Calvillo commented on static stretching and how to warm up without causing harm to your body.

“Over the years static stretching has showed to be less effective as previously thought,” Calvillo said. “Most personal trainers and strength and conditioning professionals are now using an ‘active warm up,’” he added.

A light jog can serve as an effective warm up prior to stretching.
Beginners often spend too much time working out because they want to see immediate results. However, rest days are just as important for muscle recovery. Working out seven days a week can lead to injury especially for a person who is beginning a workout routine they have not done before.

“Four rest days a week would be ideal; however, depending on how a person splits up their routine based on muscle group or exercises it can be more,” Calvillo said. Proper technique during workouts is often overlooked. Beginners are often consumed in completing a large amount of reps that they forget to work on their technique. Improper technique can lead to injury because there are different parts of the body that are receiving more stress.

“Something that is often looked over is proper technique when lifting. A certain muscle group can be worked out just as well with less resistance if the form is carried out properly,” Calvillo said. Gyms often offer new members a complimentary personal training session to ensure that they are aware of how to properly use machinery. When working out, it is important to ask for help before an injury occurs.

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