Little Village Youth Gather Outside with Senator Martin Sandoval

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsYouth organizers from the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, LVEJO, gathered with Senator Martin Sandoval to celebrate the success of the 31st Bus sidewalk renovation as part of over half a decade of an ongoing public transit campaign.

“Our communities’ youth has championed these efforts, changing the scope of the neighborhood, literally, one step at a time. Through the continuous support of Senator Martin Sandoval, we have been able to achieve safer streets,” said Claudia Ayala, Campaigns Coordinator of LVEJO stated.

The campaign began in 2008 when the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization realized after numerous surveys that the communities’ transportation needs where not being meet with the then current transit system. After, numerous community gatherings mostly held by the youth the campaign for the 31st bus began in order to connect the community to jobs, schools, and other opportunities in the greater Chicago area.

“Latino youth and community are key to the success of our future in Little Village,” said Senator Sandoval. Senator Martin Sandoval was major supporter in the Public Transit campaign recognizing the positive effect it would have on the community’s youth. We always heard if you put your mind to something, you can make a difference, but now, we know exactly what that means, and what steps we must take to achieve it.” Stated Carolina Gil, youth organizer of LVEJO’s Teens In Transit, and resident of Little Village.

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