News That’s Weird But True

By: Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Commentary As the very old saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction. These stories I read are certainly no exception. In the City of Dubai, which is located in the United Arab Emirates, the local government is awarding gold to those who shed the most weight. Those who successfully shed one kilogram will be awarded one gram of gold, and the person who sheds the most weight will be given a gold 20,000 dirham coin (worth U.S. $5449). All others will be awarded one of 200,000 gold coins being given away. Hmmmmmmm. Losing weight and getting rich at the same time sounds like a good deal. It certainly sounds far, far more appealing than contestants being yelled at and humiliated on American TV. Recently, the two Kennedy brothers—Max Kennedy and Robert Kennedy Jr.—helped free a 250 pound leatherback turtle from a buoy line wrapped around its neck and fin. However, the Kennedy’s were then notified that they may have violated the Endangered Species Act for “tampering” with the turtle’s natural habitat. Just goes to show you that no good deed goes unpunished.

In a bizarre twist, a town council member name Philip Steel has introduced a proposal in the Town of Dear Trail, Colorado, to give gun owners the legal right to shoot down aviation drones. Those who qualify would be able to obtain a license, and can be awarded as much as $100 per drone shot down. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has strongly advised against anyone trying to shoot down a drone, and can prosecute those who try or actually do shoot down a drone. Apparently, no one in Dear Trail has ever heard of using the court system and bringing a lawsuit against drones operating in the air above Dear Trail? I also have to ask the FAA where surveillance for criminals ends and where spying on private citizens begins? Finally, in Indonesia, a business owner opened a Nazi-themed cafe. The cafe is complete with a Third Reich swastika flag, and waiters wearing black SS uniforms. What the #*@%! Would it not have made more sense to maybe have a cafe with Indonesian theme memorabilia and waiters dressed in traditional Indonesian clothes?! Believe me my friends, I could not make any of this stuff up.

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