SGA Goes Green in 2013

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsLast week, the Chicago Cultural Mile Association revealed their innovative Plant Green Ideas Initiative along Michigan Avenue between the Chicago River and Roosevelt Road. The initiative is modeled after one of the most iconic products in American pop culture: the Chia Pet, created by the President and Founder of Joseph Enterprises, Joseph Pedott. The 15 Chia sculptures comprise one of Chicago’s most unique and ambitious public art projects to date.

As a teenager, Joe Pedott received much-needed support and encouragement from SGA to help overcome adversity and achieve his dreams. In gratitude, Pedott has given back to those who helped him succeed, supporting SGA Youth and Family Services programs that help struggling youth and young adults to create a better future for themselves – the way SGA helped him. SGA gives youth the ability to dream big and lead successful lives. Every greenChia purchased helps provide change and hope for Chicago’s youth.

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